The Faux Cookie Dough

Most nights after dinner I find myself wanting something sweet, and I am in need of a dessert. Because I am still battling my lifelong skin drama with eczema, there are a lot of ingredients that I have to be mindful of, so I decided to play around and make my own recipe! That’s when I discovered my faux cookie dough. It is easy to make, quick, and did I mention delicious?

Things You Will Need:

  • Blender
  • 1 cup of garbanzo beans
  • 1/4 cup almond milk (or milk product of your choice)
  • 1/4 cup coconut flour
  • 2 tablespoon of nut butter of your choice (I used powdered peanut butter)
  • 2 teaspoon of honey
  • 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
  • Toppings of your choice!

Blend all of the ingredients into the blender until smooth. You can add whatever toppings your heart desires: almonds, sprinkles, cranberries, chocolate chips, etc. I used marshmallows and chocolate chips to top it off! The faux cookie dough is best served chilled, however you can still eat it right away if you’d like.


It’s a Vibe, Oh That’s a Vibe

You may often hear people refer to someone or something as having a “good vibe” or “bad vibe” and be totally confused by what they mean by that. That’s OK because in today’s posting i’m going to dig a little deeper to explain and touch on this topic and what we can do to raise our vibrations.

Scientifically, many things in life are composed of energy that varies in both in quantity and quality. A vibration is a state of being, or the energetic quality of a person, place, thing, or thought. Much of reading or feeling “vibes” is intuitive. For example, you can feel a person’s energy from their presence of just walking into a room without them having to even say anything. That right there, darling, is a vibe.

Some people give off a vibe that will draw you closer, while others unfortunately make you want to run in the other direction. As you think, you vibrate. As you vibrate, you attract. Human vibrations are composed of physical matter and everything from what you think to how you communicate. When you are vibrating at a higher frequency you often feel happier and lighter, and you may start seeing that the goals and intentions that you had in mind are starting to flow. Whereas when you are vibrating at a lower frequency it can feel heavy, upsetting, or dark.

Below are some reasons why your vibrations are low and what you can do to raise them! According to Dr. David Hawkins, a consciousness researcher and spirituality author, being aware of your vibrations and different states creates a scale of consciousness. So let’s be mindful and start raising our vibrations shall we?

Low Vibrations and What You Can Do to Raise Them!

Being Ungrateful: Gratitude is everything. Sometimes in can be hard to find things to be thankful for in life, especially because life can be tough and oftentimes challenging. Before I start my meditation for the day, I always find something that I am grateful for. It can be something little, like the weather. Today I am thankful that it isn’t raining. (Haha, not a fan of the rain or cold whatsoever!)

Not Having Generosity: Being generous doesn’t always refer to money, but if you are a greedy person with anything in life (money, attention, etc.) it does not feel good. You can practice generosity by giving back more, or learn to be generous in other ways that do not relate to money. For me, focusing on being more generous with my time is something I actively work on.

Having too Many Negative Thoughts: It is normal to have negative thoughts. No one can remain positive all day, everyday. If they did, they would not be a human! Though it is natural to have negative thoughts, it is important to not let them consume you. If you are an overly pessimistic or jealous person, this negative energy can leave you feeling heavy all of the time. Be diligent about your thoughts, and better days will sure to come.

You are Not Mentally Stimulated: I have noticed that when I was working long hours, going from one job to the next, I wasn’t mentally stimulated. It was part of the cause of my unhappiness. Although it was no one’s fault but of my own, what I did was read more. In the past I often enjoyed reading. Even when I wasn’t in school, just leisurely reading whether it was non-fiction or fiction novels, self-help books or spirituality books, I just enjoyed reading. It doesn’t have to be reading, just be selective on what contributes to the course of your day. Be selective in the quality and content of what you are mentally consuming. You will find newfound energy in your day by being mentally stimulated.

You are Surrounded by Negative and Toxic People: The people you surround yourself with are crucial. Surround yourself with people and friends who support and lift you up. Spend time with people who are genuine and can be happy for you and want to see you do well in life. There’s nothing more draining and harmful than having to dim your light so that the others can shine. Sometimes we keep toxic people in our lives knowing that they are toxic because we love them, or simply hoping they would one day change. It can be tempting to succumb to the feeling of helplessness with no regard for the future, but channeling your efforts into raising your vibrations and energetic frequency is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself and to the rest of the world.

You are Not Honoring Your Space: Our homes are our sacred spaces. It is a physical representation of what is going on in your energy. Oftentimes I am guilty of coming home tired from work, and the last thing I want to do is pick up after myself or clean. I put it off and will get to it when I have the chance. When that chance arises I am often overwhelmed with regret that I have waited this long to begin! These low vibrating energies make themselves comfortable in your home as they manifest into clutter and disorder! Therefore it is often very soothing and uplifting after you clean your space. After my cleaning and de-cluttering is done, I like to go a step further and burn some sage throughout the corners of my space while clearing out the negative energy that has taken up residence in my energy field.

I hope that this blog was helpful and beneficial to you all. When you learn to love and lift yourself up, you can help bring others along with you on your journey. If you know other ways in which we can raise our vibrations feel free to comment or send me a message I would love to hear them and put out those good vibes to share with the rest of the world!


Tawny V.

My Quick and Yummy Avocado Ramen

Sometimes I’m stuck in class with the dilemma of deciding what’s for lunch. I have two issues: one, I’m too hungry to wait for my food to be delivered via Door Dash or Uber Eats, and two, making something requires some prepping and cleaning that can also be time consuming. Today I was feeling nostalgic of my college days, and I remembered my quick and easy avocado ramen I used to make for lunch. So I thought why not share it with you all? If you love saving money, carbs, and avocado then this recipe is for you! ( I mean, who doesn’t?!)

Things you will need: Bowl, fork, half an avocado, garlic salt, pinch of salt, teaspoon of olive oil, grape tomatoes, chicken breast (optional), Parmesan cheese (optional), ramen noodles, (I used Maruchan), and lime.

Let’s begin: first, boil the ramen noodles so that they are semi soft. You don’t want them to become too mushy when you mix in the avocado sauce.

Then cut your avocado in half and scoop it into a bowl, add a teaspoon of olive oil, garlic salt, and a pinch of salt.

With your fork, whisk and mash up the ingredients together. Add the garlic salt to taste as needed.

After everything is mixed together, add the cooked and drained ramen. Do not use any seasoning that came with the noodles.

To top off the ramen, halve the grape tomatoes and sprinkle them on top of the ramen. Add any additions you’d like, for example I added some cooked chicken breast that I had from a previous meal. You can also add Parmesan cheese or any shredded cheese of your choice!

I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy recipe, and please tag and share your pics with me via Instagram, email, or comment below! I love when you guys get creative and add your own take on it! Buon Appetito!

Happy 2021! Now Let’s Catch Up!

I know I am a tad bit late to wish everyone a Happy 2021 on the blog… well Happy 2021!

Another year has come and gone, and I’ve had a bit of time to reflect on the previous year. It was definitely a hard year for many of us with the pandemic that is currently going on. Some of us tragically lost our loved ones or our jobs, and of course we can’t forget the horrible politics. However, I am thankful for what 2020 has taught me. It taught me a lot about self-love, change, and gratitude.

I’ve learned that a lot of things in life are out of our control, and we can only focus on what we can control. It is much easier said than done, but it is something that I think I have improved on this past year. Because my full-time work is in event planning I am still furloughed. Although it is upsetting to not be working like before, I decided to take a business class here and a marketing class there with my free time. The next thing I knew I ended up going back to school somehow. I don’t know what the future will hold, but I remain positive and can only move forward from here. I hope that all of you are well and can do the same!

I have hopes that 2021 will be a better year for us all. Although the pandemic is still ongoing and living in Los Angeles during this time sounds like a death trap, I will remain positive but also realistic (haha!). I will continue to wear my mask, social distance, and do my part. I did make two New Year’s Resolutions: one is to meditate more often, and the other is to enjoy life more and not take it so seriously. :p

I wish you all health and happiness, here’s to a better year!


Tawny V.

Calm Your Mind: A Simple How to Meditate Guide

Hello world,

In my past blog posts I’ve talked about meditation and the positive effects that it has had in my life and how it has changed my mindset, relationships with others and myself. It has helped me detox my thoughts and relax my mind and let in fresh, new information.

In today’s post I’ll be sharing my simple guide on how to meditate for those of you who are beginners or simply just need more guidance. Let me clarify on a common misconception that many people have: I once thought meditation was about clearing your mind. Our minds are the most powerful tool known to man. It is constantly working and formulating ways to keep us alive. It creates algorithms on our experiences in attempt to make our lives easier. The issues come when we allow our minds to run our lives without any awareness to what is happening. We let bad thoughts and experiences take over our mind without the awareness that we can change it. 

When we meditate, we sit with our thoughts and become more aware of what we are thinking and feeling. Awareness is key! Below I am going to share some of the easiest ways I like to meditate. 

Guide to Meditation:

Before I start to meditate I like to think about something I want to meditate about. It can be anything or nothing, but I have found that choosing something to focus on is the easiest way to start. It can be something that is bothering me, something that I am happy about, or something that I would like to manifest into my life. Whatever it is, make sure you aren’t too attached to the topic so you do not resist anything that comes up. 

To start find time in your day or evening where you are alone and have some peace and quiet. It shouldn’t be anywhere you can be easily distracted. For me, I like to sit  on the floor in front of my mirror so I can be ready to just do my makeup before I go to work. 


Next, begin by breathing deep breaths in and out. I like to take a deep breath in my nose and exhale out my mouth. I’ll also wiggle my toes slightly to relax any tension I may carry in my feet from a previous tiring day of work. Once I begin to relax I like to begin with a saying or phrase I want to believe about myself. It can be anything you want to believe about yourself. My favorite is “I am love.” I want to be love so I can receive and give love more freely. Your mantra and saying could be anything! Whatever it is you want to feel or whatever it is you want to be. You can repeat anything you want to feel while breathing so that your mind receives the message and mantra.

By this time you might notice that your brain starts thinking of other things. That’s normal. When you realize your mind starting to think of other things and you’ve lost your focus that’s OK. Don’t give up and start losing focus. Be proud that you became aware of this! Once you became aware that you have lost focus and become distracted just return to repeating your mantra. Sometimes as I’m repeating my mantra another one would come up, and I’ll just begin repeating this mantra instead. As i mentioned earlier when you choose a topic, it’s important to not become too attached to that one mantra so that we don’t resist something else that may come up. When I repeat my mantra and a new one comes up I feel this is my higher self just telling me that this is something I should also meditate on so I allow it. 


I like to imagine a white screen. Sometimes images would appear on the screen, and I let simply allow them and they eventually go away. Sometimes these images are objects, other times they are people from my past. I just have to push through it and wait for another image. Other times ideas may come up. If they’re good, I’ll try and make a note to remember them, but generally I’ll let them pass as well. I then thank myself for this time, open my eyes, and begin my day.

I like to try to do this for 15 minutes a day, but you can do it longer or shorter depending on how you feel. Even if I have only 5 minutes in my day to spare, that will be what I work with. The beauty of meditation is that it’s personal and there is no wrong way to do it. So find whatever works for you and do it consistently. By meditating I am often reminded that life and time on this earth is significant and insignificant at the same time. We let the normality of everyday life dictate so much of our happiness without any awareness. When we meditate we become aware, and it helps us see the things we love and appreciate about our lives and change the things that we don’t. Thank you for reading and allowing me to share my journey and thoughts here! 


Castor Oil Queen: My Many Uses of Castor Oil

For those that know me, I am the queen of castor oil. For those of you who are new to castor oil is or are interested in how to use it, below are my favorite ways to use castor oil. But first, castor oil is an inexpensive oil that has been around for thousand of years with multi purpose usages. 



For someone who suffers from eczema, castor oil is perfect for me. It is extremely moisturizing and scent free so it does not irritate my sensitive skin. Many popular moisturizing products contain harmful ingredients like perfumes, sulfates, and dyes which could further irritate your skin.  

Promotes Wound and Cut Healing

Sometimes you shave your legs too quickly, and end up nicking your leg. Ouch! Instead of using Neosporin, you can apply some castor oil to a cotton pad and apply it to your nick or cut instead. The oil is super thick and will coat the wound, preventing your skin from forming a scar. 

Promotes Hair Growth

I cut my hair 5 years ago and immediately regretted the decision. I applied castor oil to my scalp and on my ends (to treat my split ends), and I definitely grew my hair back much more quickly. Although it wasn’t instant, it does work! Consistency is key. Apply castor oil directly to your scalp, massage, and cover with a shower cap. Allow 10 to 15 minutes for the oil to remain in your hair. For optimal results and faster hair growth, leave in overnight. Be careful while washing it out, it will be extremely sticky and hard to wash out. Will cause your shower to become slippery as well. You have been warned. LOL!

Soften Dry, Cracked Heals and Feet 

Nothing I love more than coming home after a long day of work for a foot soak, especially in the winter and colder months! After your shower or foot soak, while your feet are still soft, slather on a bit of castor oil on the heels and soles of your feet. Slip on  nice, thick pair of socks and leave them in overnight. The next day your feet will be baby soft. You’re welcome. 🙂

Fuller Lashes and Brows

Because castor oil has been effective in helping with my hair growth, I also apply it to my eyelashes and brows. The Vitamin E, minerals, and proteins in the oil can help strengthen and lengthen your brows and lashes. Thankfully, for someone that wears strip lashes daily, my eyelashes are still intact, and I thank the castor oil for this! During the quarantine months I haven’t been wearing my strip lashes, giving my real eye lashes time to breathe and grow again. I definitely noticed a difference! Apply a tiny bit of castor oil onto a Q-tip to apply on lashes and brows.

Hydrate and Soften Lips

If you do not have any lip balm on hand, castor oil works wonders. Apply the oil directly onto lips to hydrate and soften. The best time to apply the oil is at bedtime so you are not eating or drinking anything. Sleep tight!

I hope you all enjoyed my many uses for castor oil. Please let me know if you have tried any of these, or if there are other ways that you use castor oil. I’d love to hear them!




My Opinion About Skin Bleaching & Beauty Standards

As someone whose parents are ethnically Thai/Chinese, I come from a background where people are either extremely dark or extremely light in complexion. Just like other ethnicities, we all come in different shapes and shades. 

More recently, because it’s summer time, I can get extremely tan; whereas during the winter months, while my complexion isn’t milky white like my mother’s, I am much lighter. The other night I was looking at some Thai beauty products online in search of an herbal night cream that my mom loves for her upcoming birthday and came across multiple creams with the purpose of “skin lightening” and “skin bleaching.”

It was quite shocking to see the obsession with skin bleaching especially in the Asian community. Skin bleaching, if you’ve never heard of it before, is a process of lightening your complexion. Darker skinned people bleach their skin in attempt to be lighter. People do this for various reasons but the main reason is vanity. It’s a cosmetic procedure with no health benefits, and it’s primarily due to color-ism and in some cases classism.  

After doing some researching to become more informed about what is really in skin bleaching products, I found the two main active ingredients are hydroquinone and mercury. In 1982 the FDA approved hydroquinone for over-the-counter products. This was typically used for hyper-pigmentation, freckles, and dark spots. However, in 2006 the FDA revoked that approval because further testing on animals were found to cause harmful side effects included infertility and cancer. The other ingredient that is found in most skin bleaching products is mercury, which is more commonly found in African American targeted products. Mercury is commonly known to be very harmful, and these products are being made and sold illegally online, often untested. These products can come in the form of pills, soaps, and topical creams. Mercury poisoning is not a joke, you can get kidney failure, loss of brain function, fatigue and numbness. Physically the side effects can be blisters, skin ulcers, rash, and burning.  

How these two ingredients work is basically they attack the melanin in your skin. They stop the production of melanocyte cells. Typically the amount of melanocyte cells depends on genetics. Unfortunately I have known friends of the Asian and Black community who bleach their skin and they look rather gray. Having melanin in your skin has a lot of health benefits, one of them being your skin ages more slowly. Additionally, melanin provides the ability to dissipate UV Rays, meaning you are less susceptible to radiation poisoning from the sun. Of course everyone should still wear sunscreen! 

I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I am proud that I have a lot of melanin in my body, however the downside of it is I scar extremely easily and scars appear more visible on people with more melanin. I think all skin shades are beautiful, and it does not define what makes someone appear more attractive whether they are darker or lighter. I know this topic may seem a bit controversial, but this is just my opinion. 

I hope we all can learn to love ourselves a bit more and the skin that we’re in. And I hope that with time there becomes more representation of beauty in all forms and not just what is considered to be the standard.



Some Ways to Practice Self-Care & Self-Love

With everything that is going on in the world right now, it’s extremely important that we take care of ourselves and practice ways to love ourselves even more. Here are some ways I try to practice self-care and self-love.

Better Sleeping Habits:

I’ve always been someone who doesn’t sleep well at all. Ever since I was a child I was a light sleeper. I wake up easily, and it is extremely hard for me to fall asleep. In the past I typically average about 4 hours of sleep a night (crazy, I know!). Everyone used to ask how I am able to function. I think we all require different amounts of sleep, and that amount changes as we grow up. As I’m not getting any younger, I now try to make sleep a priority. I make sure that I am getting at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. Sleep has a big role in your temperament and affects your mood and overall health and wellness.


Meditation contributes to self-care and self-love. The purpose of meditation is just to sit in your body and be in your body, feeling your breath, and even feeling the discomfort and pain. I’ve been having some discomfort in my knee, and to be able to just focus on my breathing helps me push through it. I just stop everything and just allow myself to be with myself. I know I’ve spoke about meditation multiple times, however there are many different types of meditation that I practice. Shower meditation, sleeping meditation, and crystal meditation. 

A Day Off from Everything to do Nothing:

Sometimes we get in our head that we have to always be productive and accomplish something otherwise the day is wasted. This is not the case, and having time to spend on doing nothing is good once in a while for healing. For me this means just sitting around, lounging, and doing nothing. In actuality you have to have a rest day to recharge and not clean the house, go to work, etc. 

Taking Better Care of My Skin:

Since I’ve still been trying to get my eczema under control, this means I am constantly making an effort to take better care of my skin. I have been trying to follow my eczema diet by not consuming dairy products, eggs, or gluten. It has been hard and 3 days out of the week I tend to slip up, but I am now consciously making more of an effort than I have ever done before. I avoid long hot showers and make sure to moisturize my skin right after I jump out of the shower (literally!). 

I’d love to hear what are some ways that you practice self-care and self-love? There are so many ways to practice self-care and self-love, these are just some of the simple ways that I practice mine. We really don’t realize the positive effects it can have on our lives by just doing some of these practical things.


Welcome to the Dark Side and the Importance of Shadow Work

Whether you’re trying to battle your inner-demons or have a dark shadow that seems to follow you wherever you go, the reality is we all have them. Some of us more than others. We all have a dark side somewhere deep inside of ourselves. 

If you let your “dark side”/”shadow” run wild your life can seem uncontrolled and chaotic. Classic shadow signs are anger, blame, and laziness, but it can also be expressed as insecurity, co-dependency, or even independence. These signs can manifest issues with mental health, addictions, negativity, and low self-worth; and left unchecked, these issues will begin to effect the overall quality of your life.

Disclaimer: The purpose here is to help and heal others.

Before delving further, I just wanted to include the disclaimer that I am not a mental health expert nor do I have a degree in psychology. I have read many books over the years to help me deal with some of the trauma that I have experienced in my life, and these books were on topics such as self-help, psychology, and spirituality. All of my readings have touched on the topic of dark sides, shadow work, and how it all goes together. I thought I would share more about what I have read and learned along the way so that I can help others who might be of need. 

The idea of “Shadow” was popularized and studied by Carl Jung who is a 20th Century psychologist from Switzerland. According to him, “Shadow” refers to the hidden parts of our being. These are parts of ourselves that we may try to repress because they make us feel sad or vulnerable. This is a side we often do not show others. It can also indicate how we internally perceive ourselves as “being weak,” therefore we feel the need to hide certain parts of ourselves. Jung believed in the acknowledging our full self, including the shadow side, so that we can live in a balanced way.

Learning How to Confront Your Shadow:

My shadow is the fear of being vulnerable. I often avoid certain situations whether it is in the past or present; knowing that a situation may cause me to be placed in a vulnerable position, I would do anything in my power to avoid it at all cost. I think a part of it has to do with my upbringing and how I was raised. Although I’m not placing any blame on anyone in my family or those who have raised me, I was always taught that I have to be “good” all the time and showing vulnerability is a sign of weakness. I’m thankful that I am aware of my shadows because knowing the struggles and battles we had to fight in order to succeed makes our victories all the more meaningful. As crazy as it may sound, the pain and suffering we see in the world around us are often mirrored by our internal pain and suffering. It is only in facing our difficulties that true change can be made, and the hope of peace can prevail, inside and out. 

Shadow work may seem counter-intuitive on the outside because you will have to face your pain instead of running away from it. The process works by allowing yourself to feel and understand the painful aspects of yourself, so they become fully integrated. I’ve learned that it takes courage, time, and an open heart to face your pain, but these tools learned along the way help in almost every other aspect of your life as well.

Shadow work is an introspective psychological practice that anyone can do and helps lead to a more fulfilling life. When working with your shadow, you may have a moment of spiritual awakening that lead to greater authenticity, creativity, and emotional freedom. 

Some of the benefits that I have noticed in some areas of my life included: improved relationships through understanding yourself and accepting others, overall enhanced state of well-being and mood, better communication with others, ability to set boundaries in every aspect of life, and cease the cycle of self-destruction. 

I wish that you all find your shadow and learn to work with it so we can all live a more balanced and more fulfilling life.  


Tawny V


serene sunday

Serenity Sunday = Mediation Work



Transformation Tuesday

Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday!

This morning I woke up, made a delicious coconut and dragon-fruit smoothie after doing some meditation, and thought to myself what better way to start the day than to write down my thoughts before I head to work.

I know I have talked about toxic relationships in the past, however today I will be discussing about the toxic relationships we have with ourselves and the ones that I have had with myself. I don’t know of anyone that has a 100% healthy relationship with themselves, especially around my age. I think it’s because we’ve been trained and conditioned for so long not to. It’s very easy to fall into negative behaviors especially in how we talk to ourselves and what we think about ourselves. 

I definitely had a toxic relationship with myself. I notice that it is getting a lot better: I have so much more compassion and love for myself this year than last year. What I have noticed about myself was that I tend to hold a lot of guilt when it comes to everything. I constantly felt bad and feel everything. I have a lot of empathy for everything. For a long time I was holding those feelings in, and I would punish myself for some things that weren’t even a big deal. For instance, I would worry if I offended someone or feel guilty if I cancelled plans with someone when I felt tired or just didn’t feel up for it anymore. In the grand scheme of life it doesn’t matter, but I would hold on to that guilt and punish myself internally by sitting around and sulking in my guilt. My entire day would be ruined because of it.

Because this was a toxic trait that I recognized in myself, I forced myself to practice self- love, compassion, and grounding to remind myself of who I am and what I want. What really helped me was meditation. I know I spoke about it a few times already, but I have been able to maintain my emotional state right now. I know that meditation has helped me with cultivating and maintaining those positive emotions. Some of you have also said that I seem happier nowadays, and I could cry just thinking about the ways that I have changed my relationship with myself for the better. I’m not going to sit here and say that I am not hard on myself anymore because I still am, but now I am just more aware of it. The goal now is to correct that type of thinking, whereas before I was just on autopilot: going through the motions and unaware of my own role in the cycle. 

I have read a few great self-help books to get me through the tougher times last year. I can list and talk about some of them in another post if anyone is interested. These self-help books made me aware of how I saw and treated myself. I was beginning to see how others see themselves. Sometimes when I go to events, whether personal or for work, I sometimes feel others’ emotional energies and they’d drain me. I felt the need to protect myself and my energy because I was starting to see that it wasn’t coming from me but from those around me. I was just absorbing all of the negative energy, and I hated it. I found myself not wanting be around anyone anymore because I was afraid of their emotional and negative energy and the way it would affect me. That might sound selfish and might be selfish, but I cannot be of service to anyone if I am in need of help. I have been protecting my happiness and working hard on myself, and I am not going to risk undoing all the progress I’ve made. People who love me and support me will understand and see where I am coming from. 

There are many who will take advantage of kindhearted and happier spirits. When you have a positive aura, people will naturally gravitate towards you, even people who don’t have that same aura or intentions. They just want to take it for themselves and drain you. Most of the time they aren’t even aware of it. I feel I am a naturally kindhearted person inside, and if I sense someone is troubled I just want to help them anyway I can, even if it will hurt me in the end. I know that what it’s like to be in their shoes because I’ve been in that emotional state. I know what it feels like so I want to help people, but some people don’t want your help. I had to recognize and learn that the hard way. That brings me back to the question of “How can you help anyone when you yourself are so emotionally sensitive and fragile?” That is what I am working on, and I have come a long way but the journey goes on. 

I wish you all love and light. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and concerns. If anyone has any good book suggestions, whether it’s a novel or self-help book, please feel free to send me a message or comment!

Let us all continue to be self-aware and love ourselves a little more each day so that we can continue to love one another. 


Tawny V.