Castor Oil Queen: My Many Uses of Castor Oil

For those that know me, I am the queen of castor oil. For those of you who are new to castor oil is or are interested in how to use it, below are my favorite ways to use castor oil. But first, castor oil is an inexpensive oil that has been around for thousand of years with multi purpose usages. 



For someone who suffers from eczema, castor oil is perfect for me. It is extremely moisturizing and scent free so it does not irritate my sensitive skin. Many popular moisturizing products contain harmful ingredients like perfumes, sulfates, and dyes which could further irritate your skin.  

Promotes Wound and Cut Healing

Sometimes you shave your legs too quickly, and end up nicking your leg. Ouch! Instead of using Neosporin, you can apply some castor oil to a cotton pad and apply it to your nick or cut instead. The oil is super thick and will coat the wound, preventing your skin from forming a scar. 

Promotes Hair Growth

I cut my hair 5 years ago and immediately regretted the decision. I applied castor oil to my scalp and on my ends (to treat my split ends), and I definitely grew my hair back much more quickly. Although it wasn’t instant, it does work! Consistency is key. Apply castor oil directly to your scalp, massage, and cover with a shower cap. Allow 10 to 15 minutes for the oil to remain in your hair. For optimal results and faster hair growth, leave in overnight. Be careful while washing it out, it will be extremely sticky and hard to wash out. Will cause your shower to become slippery as well. You have been warned. LOL!

Soften Dry, Cracked Heals and Feet 

Nothing I love more than coming home after a long day of work for a foot soak, especially in the winter and colder months! After your shower or foot soak, while your feet are still soft, slather on a bit of castor oil on the heels and soles of your feet. Slip on  nice, thick pair of socks and leave them in overnight. The next day your feet will be baby soft. You’re welcome. 🙂

Fuller Lashes and Brows

Because castor oil has been effective in helping with my hair growth, I also apply it to my eyelashes and brows. The Vitamin E, minerals, and proteins in the oil can help strengthen and lengthen your brows and lashes. Thankfully, for someone that wears strip lashes daily, my eyelashes are still intact, and I thank the castor oil for this! During the quarantine months I haven’t been wearing my strip lashes, giving my real eye lashes time to breathe and grow again. I definitely noticed a difference! Apply a tiny bit of castor oil onto a Q-tip to apply on lashes and brows.

Hydrate and Soften Lips

If you do not have any lip balm on hand, castor oil works wonders. Apply the oil directly onto lips to hydrate and soften. The best time to apply the oil is at bedtime so you are not eating or drinking anything. Sleep tight!

I hope you all enjoyed my many uses for castor oil. Please let me know if you have tried any of these, or if there are other ways that you use castor oil. I’d love to hear them!




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