Road Trippin: My Travel Diary


I recently just got back from an amazing road trip from Los Angeles to Utah and then Colorado. The drive there was extremely long, but the scenery was so breathtakingly beautiful it made up for it.



The first place I went to in Utah was Moab to hike in Arches National Park. It was very hot and sunny (which I love), so I decided to take the easy trail and just enjoy the view. After Moab and the hike, I went to have dinner at Sunset Grill, which was a cute place that sat over a hill with amazing views all around. Another nice feature about this restaurant was the free shuttle service that can pick you up at your hotel and drop you off after your meal.


Yummy tuna steak

The next morning after the hike I was feeling dehydrated (I never drink water, so bad I know). It was extremely crucial to stay hydrated, especially being so high up in the hills! I needed some TLC and pampering, so I went into town and found a cute little nail shop: Lee Nails. I got my gel nails filled, and the staff was extremely sweet. We talked about the latest nail trends and what restaurants were worth trying and where to find good coffee. I had a wonderful time, and for a minute I felt like I was home in LA again. After a little pampering and feeding my belly, I headed to see the Moab Giants.  It was really interesting to see all of the dinosaur replicas throughout the park and learn about the different type of fossils that were discovered here. They also had a cool 5D guided tour that was fun and informative. I would highly recommend checking out the Peleo Aquarium!


The next day was Norwood Colorado. The drive from Utah to Colorado by far was the most beautiful yet scariest drive ever! The mountain roads were winding, and it was important to obey all the traffic signs since there was construction work. Being in the Rocky Mountains made me feel so small, but it gave me a sense of calm – there is so much beauty in the world that has yet to been explored.



My hair is the same color as the cow (must be the sun, hehe)

When I arrived in Norwood I was so shocked to see that the population was only 500. There were no neighbors within miles! Norwood had a lot of wild life. I was so happy to see the wild elk, deer, blue jays, and Canadian geese. After Norwood I went to Telluride to check out the cool little ski town. It was off season while I was there so not many shops were open, but it was still very interesting to learn about how Telluride became the town it is today from its early days as a mining town… and to see all of the snow of course!


This was my first road trip, and I don’t know why I never went sooner! Looking forward to my next vacation already. Until next time…