Flawless on Social Media

Image result for beauty quotes coco chanelSometimes I scroll through Instagram’s popular feed before I doze off to bed, and I often see all of these beautiful women with designer shoes, bodies, bags, lips, lifestyles, etc. and I wonder if they’re truly happy.

Sure their life looks perfect and flawless, their makeup and hair are on point, their bodies look like they never skipped a day at the gym! Hell, their life might even be perfect! I don’t know them, and I am not judging them. But once again it is social media.

What a lot of young women or people in general do not realize, or forget to realize, is that people post what they want you to see. What you put out there is what you want people to see. So it may look like one’s life is perfect, but in reality it probably is not.

Everyone has bad days, but they might not choose to put it out there. I just want to remind you guys that no one is as flawless or perfect as you might think they are. And you don’t have to strive for perfection for social media. It is ok to be imperfect and flawed. After all, that is what makes us human right?

Don’t judge someone solely by their online presence. People seem to forget that behind the screens there are real people. You will never fully know what someone’s life is like in the 140 characters they tweet, the 10 seconds they snap, or in the photo they posted on Instagram.

Sometimes I think that social media can have a negative effect on one’s self image, especially for women. The standards for women are so high it is ridiculous! When I browse through the popular feed, it seems like there is no originality anymore. I understand that trends are trends, and there is nothing wrong with trying out a new trend or two, but when it consumes you, and you want to look like that person with the k at the end of their followers list that is just being delusional.  It’s quite scary that this is the future and reality of it all.

Thanks for listening and always remember to “be humble and be kind.” – Cinderlla

2 Replies to “Flawless on Social Media”

  1. This post was awesome to read! It is sad that women have such high standard to live up to otherwise you’re considered average. I struggle with this a lot!

  2. I wrote something similar yesterday about this. I love this article that you have written and I agree with everything. Social-media is an edited, created part of life and not the real reality being put on play. We never really know how happy someone is or how similar their life is, to the images they upload.

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